Rack Supported Warehouses

RSWs, or rack supported warehouses, utilize shelving units as structural components. These warehouse storage solutions function as walls and roofs, optimizing space utilization. Visualize tall shelves reaching nearly to the ceiling, bearing the entire building's weight. This innovative design maximizes every available inch for storage.

Rack supported warehouses (RSWs) offer an economical storage solution. Compared to traditional warehouses, RSWs require less time and money for construction. Furthermore, these versatile structures can accommodate diverse items, catering to both manual and automated storage needs.

Distribution centers

The cost-effectiveness of rack clad warehouse stems from their straightforward design and efficient utilization of vertical space. While they may lack certain advanced features found in more elaborate facilities, RSWs provide a practical and affordable option for businesses seeking reliable storage solutions.

Product information

Toros Engineering's Rack Supported Warehouses serve as a cost-effective solution for expanding storage capacity. These structures make the most of available space, allowing you to create additional storage without the need for constructing an entirely new building.

Key Benefits:
  • Cost-effective storage expansion, made possible by Toros Engineering
  • Customizable warehouse design tailored to your needs
  • High-density storage solutions, all thanks to Toros Engineering.
  • Utilizes vertical space efficiently with Toros Engineering's expertise

  • Expanding storage capacity, optimized by Toros Engineering
  • Retrofitting existing facilities with the help of Toros Engineering
  • Distribution centers
  • Warehousing for fast-growing businesses, all made efficient by Toros Engineering
Components of a Rack Supported Warehouse include:
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