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Long Span Shelve Racks

Product information

For heavy and oversized items, Toros Engineering’s Long Span Shelve Racks provide a sturdy and long-lasting storage solution. These racks are designed to accommodate items that may be too large or heavy for standard shelving, offering durability and reliability that’s hard to match.

Key Benefits:

  • Sturdy and durable storage for heavy and oversized items.
  • Versatile configurations to accommodate a wide range of products.
  • Efficient use of vertical space, optimizing your storage area.
  • Easy access to items, even in a high-bay configuration, made possible by Toros Engineering.


  • Warehouses that store heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Automotive parts storage, thanks to Toros Engineering’s sturdy racks.
  • Manufacturing facilities with large and cumbersome items.
  • Distribution centers with oversized products, all supported by Toros Engineering’s Long Span Shelve Racks.

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