Rack Supported Mezzanines -

Rack Supported Mezzanines

Product information

When space is at a premium, our Rack Supported Mezzanines from Toros Engineering offer a space-saving solution. These structures utilize the existing pallet racking as support, allowing you to create additional levels of storage or workspaces, thus making the most of your facility’s height.

Key Benefits:

  • Space-saving solution from Toros Engineering.
  • Maximizes vertical space with Toros Engineering’s expertise.
  • Cost-effective expansion made possible by Toros Engineering.
  • Customizable storage or workspace to meet your needs with Toros Engineering.


  • Warehouses with limited floor space, efficiently managed with Toros Engineering.
  • Storage and workspace expansion.
  • Adding office space, all optimized by Toros Engineering.
  • Multi-level storage needs met by Toros Engineering.

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